Vepr-12 Accessories Recommended by 4Shooters

Mar 13, 2019

So, here are the items 4Shooters Recommends for your Vepr-12:

Muzzle Brakes:

GK-03++ Vepr12/Saiga12 Ilyin Muzzle Brake RH IPSC Lab


Pistol grips:


Safety Enhancers:

Mag Releases:


Charging Handles:

Useful additions:

Red Dot mounts:

Red dots:
I highly recommend Holosun and we can do a really good prices on it
You can use coupon HoHoHolosun for 20% Off


Stock Adapters for the Slant Back Vepr Receivers:

Buffer tubes and nuts:

Most popular stocks:
Lightweight ones:

Regular Ones:
(If you using a red dot, the cheek riser is usually highly recommended)

If you have any issues with the gun cycling, here are 4 steps:
1) Performance Spring and a guide rod:
2) Polishing all the points of contact
3) Gas Puck
4) Gas Block:

Also we carry a lot of different Magazines, Mag Pouches, Retainers, Slings, front grips, flip up sights, Flashlights, Laser Sights, etc


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Big, or small – we got them all!

Jun 18, 2023
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