CSS Rifle Scout Sight Rail Mount for All Rifles

CSS Rifle Scout Sight Rail Mount photo
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Barcode: 8600000825980
Color: Black
Compatibility: AK, Vepr, Saiga
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Sight Rail Mount allows you to mount any picatinny based Red Dot to all AK47's, Saiga Rifles and all standard Vepr rifles and Vepr 12 Shotguns.
Does not work with the integrated rear sight Vepr's version 2.

Replaces your factory standard AK47 rear sight.
Locks in place secure to hold zero.
Design allows your top cover to be removed for cleaning without removal of the mount.
Rail has 8 slots and is 3 5/16" long with a Milspec hard coat anodizing.
Made in the USA.
Installs easily in minutes and does not permanently alter the firearm.
Places your Red Dot scope at a perfect location for the fastest target acquisition.

Red Dot Scope in the picture is not included.

Instructions to remove the rear leaf sight:

a. securely hold the weapon in a rifle vice or bench vise (be careful not to crush or bend the receiver when clamping it in a vice).

b. raise the rear leaf sight to the highest elevation setting (normally 800-1000 but this varies weapon to weapon)

c. place the end of a flat bladed screw driver (or other similar tool) into the central groove near the hinge point of the sight leaf. A gentle tap on the screw driver with a rubber mallet is enough force to pop it free. During the mallet strike, the objective is to compress the leaf spring and force the axis pin out of the guide slot underneath. Wrap the leaf sight with a rag to prevent a forceful ejection and possible injury.

d. remove the leaf sight spring from the weapon and set it aside, you will reinstall it later.


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