ALG Defense AKT-EL Vepr-12 Drop-In Trigger Enhanced w/Lightning Bow Single Stage

ALG Defense AKT-EL Vepr-12 Drop-In Trigger photo
Availability: Out of stock
Barcode: 8600000831431
Brand: ALG Defense
Color: Black
Caliber: 12
Compatibility: Box Feed Shotguns *
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We keep improving our triggers!

AKT-EL Gen 3 Trigger is a completely drop in part for your Vepr-12, Saiga-12 or Cheetah-12 shotgun

All the modifications that are needed were already done and you don't need to use a file or a dremmel anymore to fit the best AK trigger to your shotgun.

It's been more than 2 years since we started producing Vepr-12 triggers. We faced a lot of different issues since then and kept working on the solutions to make sure our triggers work as a drop-in part in any modification of this shotgun. It is not only hammer that has been profiled, there were several other adjustments made, so now you can be sure that the trigger will work in any Vepr-12. But, Gen 3 triggers went even further and now this trigger can be used not only in Vepr-12, but also in Saiga-12 and Cheetah-12 shotguns.

AKT-EL Gen 3 Trigger provides a perfect, light and smooth trigger pull for your shotgun. Just don't forget to get a JTE Main Spring to make sure you don't have any difficulties during the installation and can adjust the trigger pull

This trigger is a drop in part for Saiga-12 shotguns with a bolt hold open lever installed. If your shotgun doesn't have one, a small washer or spacer can be used to keep the hammer tightly in place.

ALG AKT Trigger counts as three parts towards 922(r) Compliance.



By purchasing ALG Defense AKT-EL Vepr-12 Drop-In Trigger Enhanced w/Lightning Bow Single Stage from our online store, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality item. We work with trusted brands to offer shooting and hunting enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, quality products at a reasonable price. Choosing to buy from us means opting for quality and practicality

Russell 20.02.2024 #
This trigger is very well tuned. Installation was straightforward. Addition of roll-pin to make fine trigger dial-in is clever engineering. Kudos ALG Defense, Kudos 4 Shooters. You're my go-to now!
cpu68 11.09.2017 #
this is one sweet ass trigger, buy it you will never regret it. i also recommend buying the jte main spring with this as well to complement the trigger. 03.08.2017 #
for me the trigger wasnt a complete drop in i had a problem with the discconetor holding on to the hammer with some polishing i was able to get it to function properly but it a really good trigger very light pull i change the jte spring to the original due to the fact that it like a feather pull but overall good product and great customer service 31.07.2017 #
This trigger is completely drop in!! 1 min install. No modification needed what so ever. Hammer is re-profiled and has a MIRROR finish!! SWEET SWEET must have modification!
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