Vepr-12 Gas Piston "Korotish" Titanium

Vepr-12 Gas Piston "Korotish" Titanium photo
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SKU: LAC0013
Barcode: 8600000820145
Color: Titanium
Compatibility: Saiga-12 *, Vepr-12 *
Material: Titanium
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Designed for installation in the gas block of semi-automatic guns VPO-205 instead of the standard one. The thickness of the product is reduced compared to the standard piston, which increases the working stroke by 6 mm and ensures reliable operation of the weapon when using sport ammunition.
Increased purity of the working surface. From the rear end there is a groove for a 2 mm hook. All products are driven through the gas chamber.

Material - Titanium

Length - 12.5 mm (from a regular 18.5 mm).
Weight 19.4 g. (Regular 32.5 g.).
The diameter of 20.95 - 0.02 mm.

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Box Feed Shotguns
᠁ Saiga-12
᠁ ᠁ Saiga-12 030
᠁ ᠁ Saiga-12 033
᠁ Vepr-12
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-00 SP
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-00
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-01
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-02
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-03
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-04
᠁ ᠁ VPO-205-04-06
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