Magpul Zhukov Vepr-12 Handguard

Magpul Zhukov Vepr-12 Handguard photo
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Size: 300х46
Material: Polymer composite
Mount Type: M-LOK, Weaver/Picatinny
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The prototype has been tested by Vadim Vepr12AllDay and it works perfectly, so we are glad to offer you a very unique product made by Brian Miller exclusively for - Zhukov Handguard for Vepr-12 Shotgun

Enjoy durability, quality and a decent price! All colors are available!

Installation guide:

1. Remove factory handguard retaining ring.
2. Remove slotted nut located on the front of the magwell. 
A Vepr-12 Multitool or a large slotted screwdriver is a must.


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