JTE Shotgun Performance Guide Rod

JTE Shotgun Performance Guide Rod photo
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Barcode: 8600000830847
Compatibility: Box Feed Shotguns *

Inconsistencies of the Saiga Guide Rod/Recoil Assembly are a problem due to how it flexes and can jam your gun and not allow it to cycle easily.
The factory recoil assembly can be the reason for (FTE)Failure to Eject problems.
JT Engineering Performance guide rod assembly will greatly smooth out the cycling of your Saiga Shotgun.
This includes 1 replacement rod constructed of 300 grade stainless and 1 slider made of Delrin.
It will retrofit into the existing recoil system by simply removing the the factory pin that holds the rod in place and inserting the new performance rod and replace the factory pin.
You can still use the existing dust cover and springs, or you can update to the improved CSS-Full-Power-Spring and CSS-Spring-1 for superior performance.
Works on all Saiga 12, 20, 410 and Vepr 12 shotguns and the Catamount Fury.

CATAMOUNT OWNERS: This product fits but requires some gunsmithing, the guiderod is a tight fit in the guiderod holder and the small dust cover piece needs to be reamed out to fit.

NOTE: We also sell the Recoil Assembly Holder separately or with the Guiderod as a kit.

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