Video Scenario Trainer Pro Simulator Add-on - including branching video editor and after shot review

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Brand: Laser Ammo
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Train For Real Life Shoot - No Shoot Scenarios

The VST-P software add-on to the Smokeless Range® shooting simulator is the most sought after software add-on we offer for anyone looking for defensive, real life shoot or no shoot type scenarios to incorporate into their training regimen... deciding when seconds count if the situation the are in calls for them to draw their firearm, or use other means to deter their attacker.  Practice use of force and put your situational awareness skills to the test to determine if it is a shoot or no shoot type of scenario and act accordingly.  Depending on the shooter's actions or instructor input, each scenario can have a different outcome. This add on comes pre-loaded with over 65 scenarios, and you also have the ability to create your own videos and edit/upload them into the Smokeless Range® system.  Built in after action review is a great way to review (with yourself, your student, fellow officers/soldiers) when you took that first (or follow up) shot, where it landed, and how you reacted.  The possibilities are endless!


Software license with activation code and password

The Video Trainer Pro comes standard with a powerful scene and zone editor that allows you to create your own scenarios. The zone editor allows for precise hit zones to be placed over threats in the scene so that only shots that strike the hit zone will cause the scene to respond and branch. The branching video editor is exclusive to the Pro version.   

The VST Pro is a high- end tool that designed for firearms instructors to help their students with a real-life use of force situations.

In order to get the best training results, the software requires input from the instructor who is familiar with the different seances and can decide on the correct ending of each scenario according to the student needs. 


  • Upload specific videos from your local school, parking lot, grocery store or department.
  • Build your own scenarios with different situations.
  • Replay the movie to see your shots and learn from your mistakes (AAR).
  • Over 65 pre-loaded scenarios included
  • Easy to use
  • Support HD videos
  • Use with your own gun, recoil gun or with the Advanced Training Laser Pistol.
  • Great for Local Police departments, training facilities and professionals

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