Video Scenario Trainer 2.0 Control Station

Video Scenario Trainer 2.0 Control Station photo
Availability: Within 3 days
Barcode: 0850014986247
Brand: Laser Ammo
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The VST Pro2 control station gives the Instuctor an independent view. This will make it much easier to see and choose available branches. The instructor will now also have a progress bar letting them know how much time is left in the current branch to decide and drive the outcome.
This is a must add on for all firearms trainers that need to control the scenarios from their laptop in order to give their customers the best training session.

    An add-on for the VST Pro2 courseware. 
    Runs on a second screen on the same PC running the Smokeless Range. 
    The second screen view gives you a visual list of available branches in real-time while a scenario is playing. 
    No more need to reference a printed branch list.
    Allows the trainer to select a scene without the trainee seeing what you are selecting.

Important: the VST Pro2 is a prerequisite to installing and using the Control Station. Please watch the getting started video for the Control Station for proper screen set up in Windows before running it for the first time.

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