SIRT 110 PRO Pistol w/Infrared Laser/NextLevelTraining

SIRT 110 PRO Pistol w/Infrared Laser/NextLevelTraining photo
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SKU: SIRT PRO Infrared
Barcode: 8600000836153
Color: Black, Red
Flashlight/Laser: Laser
Laser: IR

This product brings together the renowned value of the SIRT Training Pistol and the training advantages of infrared lasers for use with the LASR software.

780 nm IR Shot Indicating Laser

This laser is invisible to the naked eye, forcing the shooter to trust their sight picture and trigger control, while the Laser Activated Shot Reporter software uses the LASR Infrared Camera to watch your targets for you.

Purple Metal Slide

To help denote that this is an infrared SIRT pistol.

Fully Functional Rail

Mount your tac light or other devices directly onto our SIRT Training Pistol rail, just as you would on your live fire pistol.

Ergonomic Frame

Built to the highest standards of strength and durability, the SIRT frame has all the functional grip features of the Glock 17/22, and when fully assembled is designed to match the weight of your live fire pistol.

Adjustable Resetting Trigger

The SIRT’s Adjustable Auto-resetting Trigger allows for multiple strings of fire during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session.

Weighted Training Magazine

The mags have a rubberized base plate for durability in training.

Visible Red Take-up Laser

A red Trigger Prep Indicating laser gives you immediate feedback on your trigger mechanics while you prep your trigger. The Laser Take-Up Toggle Switch allows you to shut off the Take-Up Indicating Laser, and just train with the Shot Indicating Laser.

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