Suarez Suppressor Height Black Front Sight - For Glock

Suarez Suppressor Height Black Front Sight photo
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Color: Black
Compatibility: Glock

The third generation of legendary Ilyin GK01 and GK02 muzzle brakes. GK-03 is even more effective in reducing the recoil and keeping your muzzle flat, that allows you to keep it on target during the shooting and do not waste time finding your sight after each shot, which is really useful not only for the competitions, but also for the self defense scenarios etc.

Hartman is an official manufacturer of GK-03 Muzzle Brakes, licensed by Vsevolod Ilyin, the inventor.

Significantly reduces recoil and completely eliminates muzzle rise.

Will fit all Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 shotguns. Can be used on other shotguns with adapter.

Thread - 22х0.75 mm

Locking nut included.

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