M4 Buffer Tube Recoil Control By ME

M4 Buffer Tube Recoil Control By photo
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SKU: 400008
Color: Black
Stock Mount Type: AR-15/M16
Thread 1: 1-3/16"-16 UN
Buttstock Type: Recoil Reduction
Material: Aluminium D16T
Tube/Stock Specification: Mil Spec
Diameter: 29.1 mm

Buffer Tube (Adapter) specifically designed to manage recoil on AK/Vepr rifles and Vepr 12/ Saiga 12 shotgun. Fixed 6-position Mil-spec telescopic buffer tube for M4/M16/AR typestock . A special feature of this buffer tube is the compensation mechanism that manages recoil. The compensation mechanism consists of two parts, one which serves as a guide for the other and connected to it a strong spring that will not lose its characteristics at extreme temperatures and prolonged stress loads(compare to hydro compensation system that will not work in frigid temperatures).Spring system works similar to suspension of the vehicle. This setup allows for better control of the weapon while rapid firing, as well as doing the firing of the rifle/shotgun more comfortable. The buffer tube allows the use of the rifle in standard class on the rules of IPSC! The tube is made from lightweight aluminum alloy D16T, it is much lighter than steel counterparts and are very easy to install.

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