Heavy Gauge 16”X23” Paper Target

Heavy Gauge 16”X23” Paper Target photo
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Brand: Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo Heavy Gage Target,16x23in Product Info

The Laser Ammo Heavy Gage Target is a great target to help improve your shooting. At 16X23 inch the Laser Ammo Practice Target is a perfect size for anyone to train at home. Train with your SureStrike and see where you hit, use the right / left correction targets to learn how to correct any shooting technic errors. Using the L.A.S.R software, you can create up to 9 different zones on this Laser Ammo Water Resistant Target, and use the "RESET" target to reset your session.


Features of Laser Ammo Heavy Gage Target:

  • 16"X23" Inch target
  • 100% made in specialized factories by Guns and Rosas Targets in IN.
  • 100% green - made from recyclable content.
  • Water resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Durable - Resists ripping and tearing between rounds when used with live ammo
  • Highly visible


Package Contents:

  • Laser Ammo Heavy Gage Target,16x23in

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