JTE Competition Magwell for the Saiga 12

JTE Competition Magwell for the Saiga photo
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Color: Black
Compatibility: Saiga-12, AK, Vepr, Saiga

JT Engineering Competition Magwell designed for use with modified Surefire magazines.

Standard SGM-Surefire magazines can be used also with this magwell if you remove the front lip.

Allows you to insert magazines straight in like an AR15 for lightning fast reloads.

Made in the USA from solid Billet Aluminum.

Please watch the Demonstration video on our "Videos and Links" Page to see this in action
NOTE: Design does NOT allow you to use Drums with this part.


  1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded.
  2. Position the magwell on the opening of the Saiga 12 so the inside front edge of the magwell is even with the inside front edge of the firearms internal magazine well.
  3. Mark all three holes and drill and tap the 6/32 screw holes in place.
  4. Secure the magwell with supplied screws. (thread locker is recommended for all screws)
  5. Modify the SGM (Surefire) magazine by removing the 2 top side ribs first that wrap around the back.
  6. Do not remove any of the mag catch tab on the back.

  7. Now you can start removing the front lip of the standard magazine a little at a time and test for fit until you have the magazine locking in place.
  8. Caution (If you remove too much material from the front, the magazine will drop out while shooting)

Note: All Saiga 12 extended magazine release levers will work with this magwell.

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