AK Magwell For Enhanced Reload

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SKU: 470001
Color: Black
Compatibility: AK, Vepr, Saiga

New product for owners of AK type rifles specially appreciated by athletes of IPSC/IDPA.

Fits perfect to most AK based rifles, some fitting will be required for models with modified trigger guard.

Its installation considerably increases convenience of expeditious change of magazine; actually the magazine funnel carries out the function of centering magazine during reload. Installed funnel doesn't interfere with normal work of magazine latch or causes any discomfort during rifle operation.

Very easy to install. For installation of a product it is necessary to hook one side of the funnel hook to a groove on a rifle receiver and then tighten the fixing screw. Use of blue Loctite is recommended.

The design allows for faster change of magazine;

Reliable design from a shock-resistant composite;

The simple installation which isn't demanding special skills;

Is suitable for all rifles on the AK type (AKM, Saiga, Arsenal, WASR, IO etc)

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