Dog Leg Rail/Gen-3-M85 & M92

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Keeping your shots on target is what it’s all about. Whether you require the quick target acquisition of a red dot or the range of a magnified optic, the Gen-3 Dog LegTM scope rail has you covered. Mounted directly over the receiver, the patented Dog LegTM scope rail with integral dust cover provides optimal balance, generous rail space, and protects delicate optics from barrel heat. The ingeniously simple and rugged design provides a rock solid mount for accuracy. The forward hinged cover with rear cam lock design preserves the AK’s field stripping qualities.

OPTION NOTE: The M85/M92 Dog Leg Rail does NOT incorporate a quick detach feature. The weapon may be permanently modified for quick detach cover capability by drilling out the hinge pin hole in both the weapon and top cover from 4mm to 0.250 inches. Requires the additional purchase of the optional Enhanced Push Button Take Down Pin.

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