AR 7.62 Flash Hider By Strela

AR 7.62 Flash Hider By Strela photo
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SKU: 001166
Barcode: 8600000926403
Brand: Strela
Caliber: .308 Win, 7.62x39
Thread 1: 5/8"-24

AR flash hider for rifles AR-15, Z-15, Norinco CQ-A (7.62x39mm caliber with 5/8-24 thread) effectively removes the flash by 94% on 14.5inch barrel. This device eliminates muzzle flash when fired and helps keep masking position. Heat resistant oxide finish. The inner funnel made of steel 45. Flash hider has a very small size and weight.

Installation Instructions:

Note: Use a crusher washer before installing flash hider. Distance from the edge of the barrel before the funnel (must be between 2-4 mm). If this distance is greater than or less, performance will be reduced.

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