Muzzle brake cal. 5.45/.223REM for Saiga/Vepr/Other AK based rifles.

Muzzle brake cal. 5.45/.223REM for Saiga/Vepr/Other photo
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SKU: 450003
Color: Black
Caliber: 223 Rem, 5.45x39
Compatibility: AK *, AK, Vepr, Saiga *, AK-105, Arsenal *, Saiga-MK *
Thread 1: 24x1.5-RH

This muzzle brake compensator effectively cleans the barrel toss when firing and reduces recoil momentum of the shot thanks to a unique system of exhaust propellant gases.

Muzzle brake is widely used in hunting as one of the feature is that it removes the sound of the shot in the back and side of the shooter, without revealing the location of the shooter.

This Muzzle brake compensator will allow you to effectively conduct a quick and aimed fire.

SKU 002043
  • 5.45x39mm
  • .223 Rem (5.56x45mm)
Fit 24X1.5 RH Thread
Manufacturer Military Equipment
Manufacturer Part # 450003
Material Steel
Overall Length 72 mm
Weight 120 gr.

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