M-Carbo KEL-TEC PF-9 & KEL-TEC P-11 Flat Trigger

M-Carbo KEL-TEC PF-9 & KEL-TEC P-11 photo
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Barcode: 8600001100284
Brand: M-Carbo
Color: Black
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Ultimate KEL-TEC PF9 & P11 Flat Trigger:

  • Custom Designed & Manufactured by M*CARBO
  • Gives Shooter more room in KEL-TEC PF9 & P11 Trigger Guard
  • Flat Trigger Profile provides a straight, flat trigger face with a curve at the bottom to insure consistent finger placement.
  • Fits & Functions in Both the KEL TEC PF9 and KEL TEC P11.


The KEL-TEC PF9 & KEL-TEC P11 Flat Trigger won't flex or warp under rapid fire like the factory plastic trigger! Custom PF9/P11 Flat Trigger was designed to accommodate larger fingers or shooting with gloves on. The Flat PF9/P11 Trigger allows a more relaxed trigger face option for shooters accustom to the new flat trigger options on the market.

The KEL TEC PF9/P11 Trigger Problems have a real impact on shooter performance. The major advantage to the KEL TEC PF9/P11 Trigger Replacement is that it won’t flex like the plastic trigger. New KEL-TEC PF-9 Flat Trigger for Superior Performance and Accuracy! Custom KEL TEC PF9 Accessories to correct Factory KEL TEC PF9 Problems.

The KEL-TEC PF9 Flat Trigger by M*CARBO is CNC milled out of a block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, then tumbled to remove sharp corners and finally hard platted with black anodizing to give it superior strength and a premium finish. This is the Ultimate Machined Aluminum Flat Trigger for your KEL TEC PF9 that will out last and out perform the factory plastic trigger. You will immediately notice a much smoother and crisper trigger pull with this machined aluminum target trigger. No more flexing or jerky trigger pull.  Fits & Functions in Both the KEL TEC PF9 and KEL TEC P11.


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