AK47/AK74 Buffer Tube RBT-K47 Polymer Fab-Defense

AK47/AK74 Buffer Tube RBT-K47 Polymer Fab-Defense photo
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SKU: fx-rbtk47
Barcode: 2000000000817
Brand: Fab Defense
Color: Black
Stock Mount Type: AK47/АК74/AKM Fixed
Compatibility: AK-47, Century Arms VSKA, Saiga-12 278, Saiga/Vepr Rifles
Buttstock Type: Telescopic
Tube/Stock Specification: Mil Spec
he RBT-K47 Fiber-glass Reinforced Polymer Buffer Tube for stamped receiver AK47 replaces your OEM stock with an M16/M4 buffer-tube, compatible with most after-market sized M4 collapsible buttstocks. Advantages: - 8 positions tube for optimal fit of the stock length to your battle stanch - Bolt on design for tight and easy fit on stamped receiver AK - Constructed from durable & light weight fiberglass reinforced polymer composite - No gunsmith required Compatibility: - Stamped receiver AK-47/AKM/AK-74 Variants - After-market sized M4 collapsible buttstocks Weight: 145 g Diameter: 29 Width: 34 mm Height: 42 mm Length: 209 mm Color: Black

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