AK Forend System Barrakuda by Alfa Arms

AK Forend System Barrakuda by Alfa photo
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SKU: Barrakuda
Barcode: 8600000817084
Brand: Alfa Arms
Color: Black

AK handgurd system Barracuda is intended for be used on Russian AK type rifles with stamped receiver, does not require a retainer. Will fit Saiga IZ models and other AK clones. Excellent fit with AK-104/105 gas block combo. Complete barrel coverage up to 16". Can be installed with the gas tube cover (sold separately). Use rubber mullet or wood to protect the finish.

NOTE: installation of the rail will require removal of front sight for the rifles with forward positioned front sight.

The gas tube cover is available separately:


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Matt owen 24.11.2023 #
Will this fit AK-74/AKM rifles?
i...o@4range.com 30.11.2023 #
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