Laser Ammo 38 Special / 357 Replacement Action Back Cap

Laser Ammo 38 Special / 357 photo
Availability: Within 3 days
Barcode: 8600001132421
Brand: Laser Ammo
Caliber: .357, 38 Special
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Convert Your 9mm SureStrike™ To Work With Your Favorite 38SPC / 357! - Also Serves As A Replacement Back Cap!

The 38 Special/ 357 revolver dry fire Action Back Cap is used to convert your 9mm SureStrike™ to a 38 Special/ 357 caliber laser training cartridge. 

The 38 Special/ 357 cap will "reload" your SureStrike™ with another 5,000 shots minimum!  

Easy to install.  No tools required!  

Built in "snap cap" device protects your firing pin, so no additional equipment is required. 


  • .38SP/357 Action Back Cap
  • Battery
  • User Guide

Important: You do not need to use a safety pipe and nut (safety system) when using the 38 Special/ 357 back cap. 

Includes a battery for your laser cartridge. 




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