Zenitco LED Weapon Light 2DC 2x2 «Kaspiy»

Zenitco LED Weapon Light 2DC 2x2 photo
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Brand: Zenitco
Color: Black
Light flow: 1400 Lm

This is LED tactical weapon light model Zenitco 2DC Kaspiy with 12Hz stroboscope function is intended for use on shotgun or rifle. It mounts under the barrel of the firearm. B-9 Rail recommended. For user convenience this tactical light can be mounted to a Picatinny rail and has two additional 45 degree picatinny rails on the side of the light.

Weapon light purpose and functions:

Test mode.

Tactical mode mode - constant light for detection/illumination of the target.

Stroboscope mode - for distinction of a target silhouette in smoke or fog environment.

Build in LTG (Laser target guide) can be used in any mode. Laser frequency 635NM

The light design features 4 ultra bright LED elements with power of 1400 lumen. Strike Proof clear protective glass provides the most high-quality coverage of on objects at distances over 600 meters! The light case is made from an alloy of aviation D16T aluminum with black powder coating. Picatinny rail is integrated into the product case. It is powered by rechargeable batteries. Power charger is included.

Minimum 1hr of continuous work with fully charged battery.

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