Zenitco B-10 Handguard

Availability: Discontinued
SKU: Б-10
Brand: Zenitco
Color: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy

Made by Zenitco

Works well with B-19 and B-12 gas tube covers.

High quality lightweight aluminum construction

Handguard B-10 replaces handguard on AK-type rifles Saiga 7,62X39, Saiga .223 and Saiga 5.45x39

Forearm B-10 has Weaver and Picatinny tracks allowing for fixing of accessories like tactical flashlight , laser pointer , tactical arm.

Futures Strength (withstands over 600 rounds of grenade launcher)

Improves cooling of the gun barrel

Makes it possible to mount additional equipment

Vented for superior cooling

Will work on AK based rifles with a lower handguard retainer

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