WT/Sevigny Sights/Glock WTL-05 Fiber Optic Tactical

WT/Sevigny Sights/Glock WTL-05 Fiber Optic Tactical photo
Availability: Within 7 days
SKU: 300101
Color: Black
Compatibility: Glock
Action: Tactical
Coating: Fiber Optic

Warren Tactical Series sight design is void of sharp corners, serrations, undercuts, and odd angles because they are distracting!

The patented, curved rear profile, called the "Waive Design" and the radius corners of the rear notch combine to quickly direct the shooter's vision upward toward the front sight and the target / threat.

The Waive Design also allows faster "target to target" transitions. Plus, with the long outer corners of the rear sight removed, the shooter can see more of the target / threat area clearly.

Front sight height: 5.5mm (0.215”)
Front sight width: 2.9mm (0.115”)

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