LAC Vepr Rifle to RPK/Vepr-12 Handguard Retainer

LAC Vepr Rifle to RPK/Vepr-12 Handguard photo
Availability: Backorder
SKU: forging-VPO-123-RPK
Barcode: 8600000824686
Color: Black
Compatibility: Vepr Rifles *, Vepr-222
Barrel Diameter: 20 mm
Material: Aluminium Alloy

Vepr rifle lower handguard bolt-on retainer for RPK type handguard. Perfect fit, finished with black oxide for corrosion resistance. Fits all Vepr rifles. Bolt on design allows for easy installation of lower RPK style handguard. Works great with Zenitco B-20 handguard.

Fits all Vepr rifles with the barrels 21mm thick or more.
Fitting required for thinner barrels

Note: light fitting of hand guard may be required.

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