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CSS Vepr Folding Tubular Stock Adapter

CSS Vepr Folding Tubular Stock Adapter photo
Availability: In stock
Barcode: 8600000932435
Stock Mount Type: Vepr-12 Folding
Compatibility: Box Feed Shotguns *, Vepr Rifles *
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Stock Adapter for VEPR 12 (and VEPR Rifles) with the metal Tubular Folding Stock. Attach a buffer tube to this adapter for any M4/AR15 type stock.

Works with all Commercial and Milspec buffer tubes.

Attaches to your factory hinge and the folding mechanism will continue to work.

Made in the USA.

Made of Steel with Black Oxide coating.

This is a drop in part without fitting.


Installation instructions for VEPR Folding Stock Adapter

  • 1. Verify your VEPR is unloaded.
  • 2. Open top dust cover and remove recoil spring assembly, bolt and carrier.
  • 3. If you have not cut the weld on the factory stock, use a thin Dremel cutting bit or hacksaw and slowly cut through the weld while the stock mechanism is open.
  • 4. Push the left side stock release button and fold your factory stock all the way open to the left (this may be very tight the first few times you push the button).
  • 5. Turn your VEPR upside down on the edge of a table (or in a vice) with your dust cover open.
  • 6. Use a starter punch and hammer and drive the hinge pin from the bottom pushing it out the top of the hinge (NOTE: you will reuse this pin).
  • 7. Remove the hinge pin completely out the top using a standard punch.
  • 8. Before you install your new stock adapter you will have to remove and reuse the silver internal locking block, locking block pin, and the locking block spring from the original VEPR skeleton stock. Use a punch to remove the locking block pin.
  • 9. Install these 3 parts in the new Folding Stock Adapter exactly in the same way they were installed in the original stock.
  • 10. Line up the hinges on the VEPR with the hinges on the new Folding Stock Adapter and insert the pin. Using a punch and hammer (this should be a very tight fit) drive the pin into place.


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