Taylor Freelance Walther PDP Magwell

Taylor Freelance Walther PDP Magwell photo
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Speed your reloads!

- Deep front, rear guide surfaces
- Raised center allows easy access to the mag in case of malfunction
- Quick on/off with an Allen wrench, legal size for IDPA/USPSA
- Extends the grip
- Requires TF backstrap

The TF magwell for the PDP offers a sleek, cost-effective way to get the most out of your pistol. Combined with the TF metal backstrap, the system lowers the center of gravity (for better handling), increases mass (for softer recoil), and makes reloading much easier. Pair this with the aluminum or brass backstrap to fit your needs. If you're carrying this gun every day, aluminum is the way to go. If you don't mind the weight, brass offers MAXIMUM control. Few modifications NOTICEABLY change the way the gun feels/acts -- this kit is one of those few.

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