Taylor Freelance HK Border Special w/spring

Taylor Freelance HK Border Special w/spring photo
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This is the exact basepad we ship to the Border Patrol Tactical Operations Group (BORTAC) - only in a fancy red anodize. This was normally a special-order item, but we made it available to the public in 2015. Developed at BORTAC's request, our 140mm basepad for the HKP30/30L and VP9 has features not found on our basepads intended for competition. Anti-vibration locking screws (NEW!) Black-coated SPRING STEEL locking plate -- extra strong, extra thin (replaces earlier stainless model) (NEW!) Heavier shoulder profile. More durable overall. Basepad adds 5 rounds to the HKP30 .40 S&W and 9mm magazine -- a tremendous improvement over the factory-standard 13 or 15 rounds. It also works on the HKP2000, where it provides 4 additional rounds. Competition Value: While working on this project, we were contacted by 3-Gunners who also shoot the HK. Happily, the design works for them as well. Northwest 3-Gunners TJ Lurvey and Tavis Miller participated in the R+D. For them, going to 18 or 20 rounds total makes the weapon vastly more competitive on the 3-Gun circuit in ways it just wasn't before. CUSTOM SPRING INCLUDED: The "Border Special" ships with a custom 140mm spring. (Using the standard spring, the slide will not lock back consistently.) IMPROVED "MARK III" Design: We listen to you, our customer. The "Mark III" includes the Mark II tweaks (easier to load) and adds heavier shoulders and an upgraded (black) locking plate. Due to U.S. State Department restrictions, we cannot ship this part internationally.

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