Taylor Freelance CZ 75 140mm Base Pad

Taylor Freelance CZ 75 140mm Base photo
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Capacity: +5 Rd
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Push your mags out to the maximum overall length allowed in 3-Gun with our extensions. Legal for USPSA and 3-Gun matches alike, these extensions DO NOT come off in use, yet are easy to disassemble with the help of a large Allen key.

Design derives directly from our Tanfoglio "Super Henning" basepad which has proven very popular in the United States.

  • Works best with Mec-Gar 17- and 19-round magazines.
  • Also fits CZ 75 sp o1 18 round factory magazine.
  • May experience fit problems with factory CZ 16-round, and Mec-Gar 16-round "flush fit" magazines (typical of the CZ 75B)

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