Taccom Chest Rig Shoulder Strap

Taccom Chest Rig Shoulder Strap photo
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SKU: 18-00006073
Brand: Taccom

The Taccom Shoulder Strap is your answer to slipping Chest Rigs on your body!!! No More over tightening so that you can’t breathe or having your chest rig interfere with your normal belt! One strap is all it takes to keep things up!

Made from 1 1/2″ nylon belting, our strap is adjustable so that you can comfortably place your chest rig where you want it and keep in position.

  • Keeps your Chest Rig from slipping down during a stage
  • Option to direct mount to backer plate
  • Works with ALL Taccom Chest Rigs
  • Also works with our competitor’s chest rigs that use up to 2″ wide nylon belts

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