SureStrike - L.A.S.R. Range Kit (9,40,45 + L.A.S.R.)

SureStrike - L.A.S.R. Range Kit (9,40,45 photo
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Barcode: 8600001132537
Brand: Laser Ammo
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Gearing yourself up to reach a high level of expertise is made easier with the Laser Ammo SureStrike L.A.S.R Laser Cartridge, because practice and training make perfect. This laser trainer by Laser Ammo allows shooters of all levels of experience to practice completely safe marksmanship and gun-handling drills with their own weapon in any location, from the basement to the barracks. By squeezing the trigger, the direct impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrike Laser Low Profile Laser Cartridge to emit an eye-safe laser pulse, a "shot" of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have struck. In addition, the Laser Ammo SureStrike L.A.S.R Laser Cartridge w/ Microprocessor Control is extremely resourceful as it easily adjusts to work with any laser receptor electronic target, simulator, or MILES.


  • 100% Secure: A live round cannot be chambered; the Safety Nut indicates that a laser cartridge is in the weapon; there are no insertion rods to wear and cause a loose fit.
  • No Misfires: Can only be activated by the firing pin.
  • Low Profile: Does not interfere with holstering, drawing, or loading.
  • Microprocessor control: The heart is a microprocessor which controls the laser beam. This ability can be customized according to buyer specifications (based on a minimum order).

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