Taccom Slick Star Stage Starter

Taccom Slick Star Stage Starter photo
Availability: In stock
Barcode: 8600000830328
Brand: Taccom
Color: Blue
Caliber: 12
Capacity: 2 Rd
Material: Polymer
Purpose: Load-four

Want to top off your shotgun at the start of a stage, but don’t want to carry more shells on your belt? Or maybe you don’t have the room?

The TACCOM Slick Start will allow you to hold 2 extra shells on the forearm of your stock….ready to grab at the buzzer.

This is a mission specific part and only used for stage starts. The Steel hardware will allow for you to remove the Slick Start with a screw driver leaving the T-nut in place.

Designed for the left hand side of the forearm, it works equally as well on the right hand side too.

Attaching the Slick Start is easy to do and requires minimal modification to your shotgun (one .1875 dia hole)

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