Race Master/Racer Muzzle Support Revolver Adaptor

Race Master/Racer Muzzle Support Revolver Adaptor photo
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RACE MASTER/RACER MUZZLE SUPPORT REVOLVER ADAPTOR If you plan to use the Race Master/Racer muzzle support for your Revolver, you will need this Revolver Adaptor in addition to the muzzle support assembly (purchased separately or in combo). This adaptor serves to extend the muzzle support further forward for revolver use. Note that this adaptor can be attached directly to the holster body (if that M8 hole is there/added) or can be attached onto the Race Master Muzzle Support Body Adaptor. The Revolver Adaptor includes the machined aluminum adaptor and the required M8 screw for assembly. will be suitable for revolvers with up to 6” barrels. To use this muzzle support assembly on a Racer holster, you would need to drill and tap an M8 thread into the body of the holster. Available in black only.

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