Race Master Holster - Slim Safety Lever

Race Master Holster - Slim Safety photo
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Occasionally, some shooters have found that the serrated safety locking lever interferes with their draw of the pistol. As an alternative, DAA offers a replacement safety locking lever, that has been machined down to a slimmer, smooth profile.

To replace the safety lever, follow these directions:
  1. Remove the insert block assembly from your holster.
  2. Using a pointed tool, push the safety pin from the inside out, until you can grip the head of the pin with a pliers. pull the pin out and remove the original safety (Don't worry about the spring loaded ball - it cannot fall out from the safety's side).
  3. Insert the new safety and replace the pin.
  4. Test the safety is functioning as it should, and reassemble your holster.

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