PTM Tekker-K AK Trigger Pin Retaining Plate

PTM Tekker-K AK Trigger Pin Retaining photo
Availability: In stock
SKU: ПФО 'Теккер-К'
Barcode: 8600000834876
Brand: PTM
Color: Black
Compatibility: AK, Vepr, Saiga
Troy 28.08.2020 #
Finally, a retaining plate that fits perfectly on Arsenal SLR107R. I’ve tried at least 6 other brands. They have all technically fit, but they all had too much play in the trigger/hammer pins for me to be happy. I may have been overly worried, but I looked all over the internet to find a plate worked just right. This PTM Tekker-K did the trick. Thanks!
Cav_Trooper_19D 24.03.2018 #
Great pin plates! I ordered both this and the vepr plate from 4range and had them in Pittsburgh in about 2 days! These plates brought me to you...4Range...through my google search and im glad it did! My first purchase, but definitely not my last! I am impressed with your AK stock! Thank you!

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