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Product Info for Otis Technology Tactical Cleaning System

Otis Technology Tactical Cleaning System 750 BX has been one of the most popular weapons maintenance tool sets in the world for several years. The Tactical Cleaning System began life as a tool-filled shoe polish tin (the current soft pack case resembles that tin, a small reminder of Otis Technology's humble beginnings) and now is used the world over by shooters who routinely use multiple firearms. The Tactical Cleaning Kit is so effective, it's the building block of Otis' line of extravagant Elite cleaning kits. That's because this Otis Tech cleaning kit is equally effective with shotguns, rifles, handguns, and in-line muzzleloaders of all calibers and gauges. The three Memory-Flex cleaning rods in this kit can be outfitted with one of the six multi-size bore brushes or an all-caliber cotton cleaning patch. The Otis Tech Tactical Cleaning Kit can efficiently scrub out all pistols and rifles from .17 caliber to .50 caliber and all shotguns from .410 to 10 gauge, and you can even perform effective bore maintenance at night with the included bore reflector and flag safety. Otis Technology has made this kit useful even during extended tactical operations, since it can be tucked away in the aforementioned soft pack carrying case for instant transportation or use. To give your weapons a tactical advantage, give them a good going over with the Otis Tech Universal Tactical Cleaning Kit.

Specifications for Otis Technology All Caliber Tactical Maintenance Kit:

Weapon Type: Rifles, shotguns, pistols, in-line muzzleloaders
Caliber: .17 to .50 caliber rifles and pistols; .410 to 10 gauge shotguns; all in-line muzzle loaders
Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2.5"

Features of Otis Tech Tactical Weapon Maintenance Set:

  • One kit cleans shotguns, rifles, handguns, and in-line muzzle loaders
  • Compatible with .17 to .50 caliber handguns and rifles, .410 to 10 gauge shotguns, and all muzzleloaders
  • 3x Memory-Flex cleaning rods w/ over 750 pounds of tensile strength
  • 2x obstruction removers
  • T-handle bar
  • 6x bore brushes
  • Tools pack away in soft pack carrying case with zipper

Package Contents:

  • Otis Technology Tactical Cleaning System 750 BX

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