Otis Brass Scraper Tool Set

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Product Info for Otis Brass Scraper Tool Set

Otis Technology Brass Scraper Cleaning Set 932 is designed to reach all those hard-to-access places on your weapon you thought you'd never be able to clean. So many components of modern firearms are small and virtually inaccessible from almost any angle; many gun owners give up hope of ever cleaning components like locking lugs and bolt faces. Otis Technology has other ideas, however; the seven components of this cleaning set combine to clear all parts of your rifle, shotgun, or handgun of carbon buildup and dirt. The brass scraper on this cleaning kit scours carbon deposits from flat surfaces on your firearm, there's an angled locking lug scraper that can clean the backs of the lugs, a pin punch can effortlessly remove pins from pin-system weapons, and there's even a straight locking lug pick that can penetrate the tightest crevasses in your gun. The Otis Tech FG-932 Brass Scraping Tool Set also includes male and female rod handles to extend the length of any of the Otis cleaning kit's tools. All these tools fit in existing soft packs and can also be bought separately. To finally scrape away all that carbon and debris that's been gathering in the remote corners of your rifle, equip the Otis FG-932 Brass Scraper Cleaning Tool Kit.

Specifications for Otis Technology Scraper Set:

Material: Brass

Features of Otis FG-932 Scraper Tool Set:

  • Seven piece brass tool set cleans bolt face, slides, rails, locking lugs, and more
  • Brass scraper
  • Locking lug scraper
  • Straight locking lug pick
  • Pin punch
  • Nylon end brush
  • Compact receiver brush
  • Male rod handle and female rod handle
  • Fits in existing soft packs

Package Contents:

  • Otis Technology Brass Scraper Cleaning Set 932

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