Original Russian Molot GK-01 Saiga/Vepr-12 Muzzle Brake

Original Russian Molot GK-01 Saiga/Vepr-12 Muzzle photo
Availability: Drop ship from Russia
Barcode: 8600000806897
Brand: AKademia
Color: Black
Caliber: 12
Thread 1: 22x0.75-RH
Material: Aluminum DT6
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Product Info

GK-01 muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil and as completely eliminates shotgun shifting from target. It is compatible with all shotguns Saiga 12, Vepr 12, with external choke or with optional adapter — for 12 gauge caliber, both with internal and external chock. GK-01 Case made out of aluminum alloy, that makes it 90g lighter than the competitor (PSh-2) that positively affects balance of the weapon. Because aluminum alloy is softer than steel to have a reliable connection manufacturer installed a steel coupling. The coupling is pressed in the case. Alignment is done at the factory. Muzzle brake has two chambers. First chamber consists of "Gills" on two sides directing gases back for reduction of recoil. Second chamber has three partitions and three ports. This chamber is responsible for compensation of barrel shift during the shooting. Muzzle brake GK-01 is locked in place by a lock-nut (Locking nut is included).

Authentic Molot Gk-01 muzzle brake greatly reduces recoil, reduces muzzle rise and improves in accuracy follow up shots.

Made in Russia at Vyatskaya Poliyana manufacturer.

Superior recoil reduction will greatly help in keeping you on target.

Factory-threaded version will fit on any Saiga 12 or Vepr 12 shotgun.



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