NcStar 12Ga Cartridge Bore Sighter

NcStar 12Ga Cartridge Bore Sighter photo
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Brand: NcSTAR

The Ncstar TLZ12G Red Laser Bore Sighter is perfect for slug hunters - and it's one of the more hard-to-find sizes for a cartridge laser bore sighter. The Ncstar 12 Ga Bore Sighter is self contained and ready to use, with no other accessories needed. Save ammo when sighting in - get yourself on paper without firing a shot, with the NcStar 12-Gauge Laser Boresighter.

For our complete selection of NcSTAR Bore Sights by NcSTAR, please visit our NcSTAR page. For more Bore Sights please visit our Bore Sights store section.


  • Fits 12 Gauge Shotgun Chambers
  • Length: 2.4"
  • Weight: 1.7 oz with batteries
  • NcStar warranty
    • Made of Hard Anodized Aluminum
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