Melita-k Knife Professional

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Melita-k Professional is a civilan version of multi-function knife tool "Minesweeper" ( "Wag-3") - the first "super tool" in Russia. Knife was developed by order of the FSB of Russia for their own special forces. This knife is used as a survival knife combat knife and to carry out special operations in the conditions of the urban environment. Functions - main battle blade hook knife, pliers with wire cutters, wood saw, metal saw, ruler, two flat screwdrivers - small and large, Phillips screwdriver, wire stripper, awl, can opener, nail puller. "Minesweeper" knife was used during a special operation "Nord Ost" in the neutralization of explosive devices.

Professional knife only difference from military version is crimping detonator replaced with clippers. Knife is very well substitute for active recreation and extreme sports. The knife has antiglare surface treatment.

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