MBX Extreme 170mm Complete STI Style Magazine 9mm/.38 Cal (Black)

MBX Extreme 170mm Complete STI Style photo
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These are the competition followers which does not lock the slide back but allows for one extra round.
The next generation of race ready 2011 style magazine made from 410 heat treated stainless steel for ultimate durability.

MBX Complete Tubes were designed to be competition ready with exclusive features to meet the highest demands for today's shooters.

The new MBX extreme tube features newly designed body contour running the full length of the magazine for improved reliability and performance allowing for a wider follower to improve stability also featuring round location hole for 30 and precision cut feed lips.

* All tubes are designed to work with MBX components other manufacturers' parts may be used in conjunction with MBX parts and tubes but may require adjustment or fitting for maximum reliability.

  • All 126mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 20-21 rounds.
  • All 126mm .40/10mm magazines hold 18-19 rounds.
  • All 126mm .45ACP magazines hold 16 rounds.
  • All 141.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 23-24 rounds.
  • All 141.25mm .40 Cal/10mm magazines hold 20-21 rounds.
  • All 141.25mm .45ACP magazines hold 18 rounds.
  • All 155mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 27 rounds.
  • All 171.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 29-30 rounds.
  • All 171.25mm .40 Cal/10mm magazines hold 26 rounds.

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