M-Carbo Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Kit

M-Carbo Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Kit photo
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SKU: 18-00002267
Brand: M-Carbo

Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Kit:

  • Custom Trigger Return Spring
  • Black Oxide Overtravel Screw

Upgrade your Savage AXIS Trigger with the M*CARBO Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Kit, that's designed to reduce your trigger pull to 3.5lbs. This is the best and fastest Savage AXIS Trigger Job available that will give you a 2lb trigger pull reduction in less than 10 minutes. The Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Kit includes a lighter replacement Savage AXIS Trigger Return Spring and an Overtravel Adjustment Screw. The M*CARBO Savage AXIS Trigger Upgrade is a great way to reduce your trigger pull and eliminate overtravel. It's the best aftermarket trigger for the Savage AXIS because it's a 2lb trigger adjustment in less than 10 minutes and 100% reliable, plus more affordable than any other option available for the Savage AXIS.

This kit won't work with an aftermarket Boyd's stock. If upgrading to a Boyd's stock we recommend you get the Savage AXIS Pro Trigger Kit as it was designed for the aftermarket stock options available for your Savage AXIS Rifle.

The Savage AXIS Trigger Upgrade Kit is a major improvement over the factory Savage AXIS Trigger. As you already know, the Savage AXIS Accutrigger is not available from the factory for this rifle unless you purchased the Savage AXIS II XP for roughly $500. This is a better way to get Accutrigger like performance for a fraction of the cost. M*CARBO Custom Savage AXIS Gun Parts are made in America and come with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. One of the Best Savage AXIS Accessories for improving the Savage AXIS Accuracy and Reliability. The Savage AXIS Trigger Upgrade Kit is by far the best and most affordable Savage AXIS Modification available to reduce the trigger pull and reduce overtravel.

Watch any Savage AXIS Review and most will say they don't like the heavy factory trigger pull.
Bottom line it's an excellent way to reduce your Savage AXIS Trigger Pull Weight and get the performance you require out of a trigger for your Savage AXIS, in one simple kit.

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