Laserlyte Rumble Tyme Targets Laser Trainer

Laserlyte Rumble Tyme Targets Laser Trainer photo
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Barcode: 0689706211844
Brand: Laserlyte

Now you never need to get off the couch or have your kids stop doing their chores to reset the target after each shot! Rumble Tyme targets rumble, rotate and radiate with LEDs to celebrate when shot by the laser beam from any of LaserLyte’s Laser Trainers! Three target areas stretching around the can are automatically ready for the next shot without manually resetting the target.

Immediate feedback of shot placement gives shooters of all ages and skills levels a fun and valuable training tool that can be safely used anytime, anywhere. Whether you shoot from the couch or draw from concealment, you’ll spend less time resetting the target and more time Laser Training!<.p>

Available in a two-pack set, Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Targets get sport shooters and professionals on target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits.

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