Laser Ammo 2022 Chief Package

Laser Ammo 2022 Chief Package photo
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SKU: Chief Package 2022
Barcode: 8600054161140
Brand: Laser Ammo
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The Chiefs Package from Laser Ammo is designed for smaller and larger Law Enforcement Agencies with an additional community element provided.  Not only is it perfect to assist the men and women with basic and advanced firearms training, but provides a community element for education, fun and even recruiting purposes.  Additionally, with the extra included firearms, Officers can work as a team to practice building entries, breaches and building searches with hostile individuals.

This package includes:

Firearm's Trainer Simulator Combo
M-Range Simulator Add-On
Tactical Targets Simulator Add-On
VST-Pro Control Station
i-MTTS System Controller
i-MTTS 5 Pack (qty: 2)
LA-PET II Reactive Targets (qty: 3)
SureStrike™ Ultimate LE Kit-IR (qty: 2)
SureStrike™ Ultimate LE Kit-Red (qty: 2)
SureStrike™ Hunting Pack 12g - IR (qty: 1)
SureStrike™ Hutning Pack 308-Red (qty: 1)
Glock 17 Recoil Enabled Training Gun (GG-IR) (qty: 4)
AR-15 Rifle LMD-IR (qty: 2)
Extra Glock 17 GG  Magazines (qty: 8)
Extra Mags for LM4/AR15 (qty: 2)
SureStrike™ Shooting Drill Cards
Extra Battery Packs for SureStrike™ Lasers (qty: 4)
Green Gas (qty: 3 cases - 36 cans total)

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