Kizlyar Short Sword Bebut

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Bebut short sword- steel dagger, slightly curved, with two narrow fullers on each side. Handle curly, narrow in the middle, wooden handle with two riveted brass rivets. Sheath wooden covered with leather metal attachments. In 1907 by the order № 287 of the Russian military departments Bebut (Dagger curved) adopted by the Russian army. Short sword Bebut was a necessary upgrade to Cossack Shashka that was to heavy and long in compare of Bebut. In action Bebut allowed solder to deploy and maneuver faster and more efficient. Even in modern time Bebut short sword design can be seen in hands many fighters. The main purpose of "Bebutov" - replacement of long sword in a limited space. Symmetrical handle allows to use the dagger with different types of grips and sharp two sided blade made it possible to perform both slashing and stabbing attacks. Officially "Bebut" was in service until the revolution of 1917. but actually it used much longer. Dagger Bebut produced at Kizlyar factory is in full compliance with the 1907 model.

Daggers and swords of "Kizlyar" - this is not an imitationproduct, but the real serialized battle weapons. All daggers, sword and shashkaare made in compliance with their historic background. Battle Cossack swordsand daggers, presented by Kizlyar factory, are cold weapons. Blade of daggersand swords runs true the entire length of the handle that filled with epoxy resin.

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