NcSTAR Glock Magazine Disassembly Tool

NcSTAR Glock Magazine Disassembly Tool photo
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Barcode: 0848754008503
Brand: NcSTAR
Color: Blue
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Disassembly Front Sight Tool - for Glock®

Tactical tool designed in a pen configuration with a steel disassembly and front sight tool for Glock® pistols.

Anodized blue aluminum pen tool with two threaded caps that thread into the center body, with a black steel pocket clip.

Hardened steel 3/32" or 2.5mm punch tool for all Glock® pistols. Designed to remove the pins and disassemble the Glock® frame, slide, and the magazine into their individual components.

The opposite end of the tool includes a 3/16" hex nut driver for removing/installing factory and aftermarket Glock® front sights.

The 3/16" hex nut driver features an internal magnet to conveniently hold the front sight screw as you install the front sight post.

  • The pointed cap can be used to center the pins in the frame.
  • Pointed cap can be screwed onto the pocket clip cap to prevent losing it when the tool is in use.
  • Length: 3.4"
  • Weight: 4.0 oz.


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