FLASH Airsoft Rifle Adapter Clockwise (CW) Threading

FLASH Airsoft Rifle Adapter Clockwise (CW) photo
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Barcode: 0854855003835
Brand: Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo LA FLASH Full Blow Back Training Adapter Product Info

Now you can use your stock airsoft rifle to practice good shooting drills safely at your own home, or practice with your friends "force on force" training. Develop & maintain your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through, with the SureStrikeTM CW Airsoft adapter, with a full cycle and airsoft blow back. The LA FLASH is a high-end CNC machined flash suppressor adapter that replaces the stock flash guard on any "off the shelf" Airsoft rifles. Add the SureStrikeTM vibration cartridge to the adapter and start practicing! Activated by the vibration of the Airsoft, the SureStrikeTM can emit red or IR laser to activate any Laser Ammo electronic target or simulator and can be customized for specific orders to work with Laser Tag hardware or even MILES gear.

Specifications for Laser Ammo LA FLASH Full Blow Back Training Adapter:

Height:5.75 inches
Width:3.85 inches
Depth:1.2 inches
Weight:1.2 pounds

Features of Laser Ammo LA FLASH Full Blow Back Training Adapter:

  • Train like a pro anytime anywhere with a full blow back
  • Quick Installation and removal for stock Air soft
  • Quick and cheap battery refill
  • Vibration activation
  • Large variety of laser wavelengths for order - visible or IR
  • Can be custom to work with any simulator or force-on-force application (including MIELS!)
  • Available custom programming enables advanced features: different pulse lengths, bullet counters, aim tracing and more
  • Works with any electronic targets
  • Available in clock and counter clock wise threading

Package Contents:

  • Laser Ammo LA FLASH Full Blow Back Training Adapter
FLASH CW User Guide

FLASH User Guide

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