FB-12 Nylon Brush

FB-12 Nylon Brush photo
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SKU: FB-12
Brand: J.Dewey
Subcategory: Ruff
Color: Black
Thread: 5/16x27 male

Developed to make sure your weapon is properly maintained, the J. Dewey Nylon Bristle Gun Cleaning Brush is the perfect way to make sure your weapon is free of unwanted materials, that will cause damage to your weapon and it's accuracy. This Gun Cleaning Tool from the professioanl products experts at J. Dewey was developed using top of the line construction and materials, to provide you with a gun cleaning tool that that is efficient and reliable. For an amazing way to make sure that your weapon is free from unwanted materials, choose the J. Dewey Nylon Bristle Gun Cleaning Brush.

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