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Fab-Defense Carbine Receiver Extension Tube Mil-Spec Diameter 8-Position Adapter VZ-58 Polymer Black

Fab-Defense Carbine Receiver Extension Tube Mil-Spec photo
Availability: Out of stock
Brand: Fab Defense
Color: Black
Stock Mount Type: VZ.58
Compatibility: AK, Vepr, Saiga, VZ. 58
Buttstock Type: Recoil Reduction
Material: Polymer
Tube/Stock Specification: Comm Spec

The Fab-Defense VZ-58 stock adapter is a polymer AR-15 style carbine receiver extension allowing you to mount any AR-15 collapsible stock for a mil-spec diameter tube. The Polymer extension will fit all VZ-58 rifles. The tube has 8 positions. Constructed of matte black polymer.
Made in Israel.

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