Dawson Precision Grip Tape for Pistol Frames 036-605

Dawson Precision Grip Tape for Pistol photo
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SKU: 036-605
Barcode: 8600000821111
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The best fitting grip tape available today. Allows for a tight grip on your gun regardless of conditions. Sweat, mud, water, snow, slime and gun lube are no match for this grip tape.

"For years I have struggled with maintaining a good grip on my competition guns. Here in Texas, it is not at all uncommon to be shooting in 100+ degree temperatures in the spring and summer months. I have used everything including a combination of ProGrip lotion and spray underneath a layer of mountain climbing chalk. That works, but it's pretty messy and requires re-application before every stage at a match. Plus, it means I have to buy three products every year.

This past weekend I tried your Dawson Precision-Fit Grip Tape for STI 2011 and was blown away by how well it worked. It was 96 degrees out and with nothing more than a wipe of my palms on my pants prior to shooting, your grip tape gave me an amazing no-slip grip!

I am sold and will be putting your tape on ALL my competition guns!"


Austin, TX

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